Terms of Services


  1. Terms of use

(1) Access and view any part of the GoNParty.org website means that you agree to all of the restrictions and conditions of use set forth herein. If you do not agree with all of them, please do not use these pages. We recommend that you periodically review the applicable general conditions or privacy protection provisions as they are legally binding. GNP d.o.o. manages, monitors and updates these websites. These websites are intended for international use.

(2) GNP d.o.o. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information published on websites in all countries; nor does it guarantee that all products and services are available in all countries or in all forms, packaging and under the same conditions. When users access and use these sites, they must comply with the laws of their country.

(3) All information and data on our websites are for information purposes only and are not intended to establish binding legal relationships or to enter into such legal relationships, except when explicitly stated (eg. when publishing official offers, prospectuses).

  1. Limitation of Liability

(1) Although GNP d.o.o. is and will be editing the websites with due diligence to provide accurate information and up-to-date information, assumes no responsibility for their accuracy and completeness. It reserves the right to change the content of these websites at any time and in any way, for any reason and without prior notice. All users use all published content at their own risk.

(2) Therefore neither GNP d.o.o. nor shall any legal or natural person involved in the preparation and production of these websites be liable in any way for any damages arising out of or in connection with access to, use of and / or inability to use the information on these websites. pages, and / or for any errors or omissions in their content. It is possible for any user of our websites to respond with a variety of information. GNP d.o.o. does not assume in relation to them.

  1. Links to third party websites

These websites also contain third party information and links to their websites. Wherever we deem it appropriate, it is appropriately labeled. However GNP d.o.o. does not know the content of these third party websites and therefore assumes no responsibility for their information.

  1. Intellectual property rights

(1) All information and images on the GoNParty.org website are subject to copyright or other forms of intellectual property protection within the legally permitted framework. The documents on this website may only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes and for personal use, provided that all copyright or other notices mentioned are retained.

(2) Copying, reproduction, modification or other dissemination of information from these websites for commercial purposes is without the express written consent of GNP d.o.o. prohibited. Trademarks and service marks appearing on these sites are registered trademarks of GNP d.o.o. oz. has GNP d.o.o. the right to use them.

  1. Protecting privacy

(1) GNP d.o.o. pays special attention to protecting the privacy of information obtained from users of these websites and personal data provided to it, in accordance with the applicable legislation on personal data protection in the Republic of Slovenia. In the following, we will acquaint you with the system of collection, storage, use and dissemination of personal data.

(2) You can visit our website without providing your personal information. The provision of personal data is only required if you order a product or service. We only collect personal information when you send it to us with a login, completed forms or e-mail as part of an order for products or services, requests or inquiries for ordered materials, and in similar situations when you choose to send us your information.

(3) In addition to personal data provided to us by you, we also collect information through cookies; these may include the website that was linked to our website, the websites you visit from our website, your IP address and the duration of the visit to our website. We may be able to identify you with this information, but we are not doing so. We process the data provided by you or collected through cookies for the following purposes: for statistical purposes, but only in such a way that it is not possible to establish your identity; to diagnose server problems and edit web pages; to deliver the products and services you have ordered on our websites; for other purposes that you have requested or you have agreed to them, unless otherwise provided by law.

(4) If we provide your personal data to external partners for the supply of products or services you have ordered or for other purposes approved by you and carried out with the help of contractual partners, we ensure that contractual partners comply with applicable personal data protection regulations.

(5) Your personal data remains in GNP d.o.o. We store it on servers under our management. Neither we nor our partners will pass on your data to third parties in any form, unless you agree to do so or if requested to do so by the judicial authorities. Data are stored or processed by computer in the Republic of Slovenia and are not transmitted for processing to third countries.

  1. Cookies

(1) A cookie is a small file that is placed on your device while visiting a website and is recognized by the site that issued the cookie. The purpose of the use of cookies is to improve the operation of the website and the user experience when viewing websites. Some of the cookies we use are temporary, and some remain stored on your device for a period of time even after you leave our website. With temporary cookies we measure the number of visitors to the website, and with stored cookies we store contact information for later visits to our websites, so that your login is no longer required the next time. We also use stored cookies that originate from other websites: these are advertising cookies and Google Analytics cookies, which determine how you navigate our websites, what content you are interested in and how long your visit to our website lasted. Based on this, we can adapt and edit the content of the website to the needs of visitors.

(2) We collect data collected through cookies exclusively for statistical purposes, but only in such way that it is not possible to identify you, to identify problems with the server, to edit websites and to inform about products. Most browsers automatically accept the use of cookies. However, you can refuse the use of cookies at any time.

(3) If you want to reject cookies on your device, you can change the settings of the browser you are using. You can also find more information about the rejection of cookies on the website of the Information Commissioner.

  1. Security

(1) GNP d.o.o. uses technical and organizational security measures to protect your data from tampering, loss, destruction or unauthorized access. We also use a standard firewall and password protection to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information we collect online.

(2) When handling your personal data, we implement measures designed to protect such data from loss, improper use, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

(3) In all cases, we cannot protect the data against any loss, improper use, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction, but we strive to prevent such unfortunate events.


  1. Definitions

(1) The organizer of the prize game is GNP d.o.o.

(2) The participant in the prize game is a person who participates in the announced prize campaigns.

(3) The winners of the awards shall be determined by the computer selection function at random or determined by the organizing committee.

  1. The right to participate in the prize game

(1) Persons employed by the organizer of the prize game and their immediate family members and persons employed by other legal entities related to the implementation of this prize game may not participate in the prize game. Legal entities cannot participate in the prize draw. Persons who do not accept the rules of the prize draw cannot participate in the prize draw. It is considered that the participant has accepted the rules of the prize game by participating in the announced prize game.

  1. Rules of participation in the prize game

You do not need to purchase the services or products of the prize draw organizer to participate in the prize draw.

  1. Electronic prize draw

(1) All participants in the prize draw may participate in the draw. One participant can participate in the prize draw several times. The result of the draw is final. No appeal is possible.

(2) The winner will be notified of the receipt and method of receiving the prize by e-mail or other means of communication.

  1. Obligations of the winner

(1) Payout of the prize in cash is not possible, nor can it be exchanged for another item. The winner is obliged to provide the organizer of the prize game in writing with his personal data – name, surname, address, e-mail address and telephone number, no later than two (2) days after receipt of notification of receipt of the prize. Only winner can use the prize and prize is non-transferable to another person.

(2) Payment of all taxes on prizes (including VAT) is the responsibility of the organizer. The organizer is not responsible for taxes that may arise in connection with any other prizes. If the winner does not fulfill all the obligations, it is considered that the winner does not want to accept the prize and thus the organizer is free from all obligations in relation to the winner after this prize game and acquires the right to dispose of the prize for any other purpose. Prizes are not transferable.

(3) If the organizer of the prize draw does not receive all the necessary information and a statement that he wishes to receive the prize within three working days from the moment he sends the winner a notification that he has been drawn, the winner shall be deemed to be the winner. he does not want to accept the prize, so the organizer is free of all obligations after the prize draw in relation to the winner and acquires the right to dispose of the prize for any other purpose.

  1. Protection of personal data

(1) The organizer of the prize game protects all personal data obtained from the participants during the prize game in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data. The organizer may use personal data obtained from participants exclusively for the purposes for which they were obtained.

(2) The participant in the prize game agrees that the organizer may send him notifications regarding the organizer’s offer. The participant or his guardian or legal representative may at any time revoke his consent to the use of personal data obtained in the prize draw for the purposes of direct marketing.

(3) The organizer of the prize game reserves the right to organize the award ceremony as a public event. By participating in the prize draw, the participant allows his / her name and address to be used in the audio, photo and video material of the prize draw organizer. The winner allows the organizer of the prize game to publish his / her personal data in the media and on the World Wide Web for the purpose of informing about the results of the draw or receiving the prize.

  1. Publication of the rules of the prize game

(1) By submitting their data, the participants in the prize game agree that they are familiar with the rules and undertake to act in accordance with the rules of the prize game.

(2) In the event of any dispute or ambiguity, these rules shall be considered primary in relation to any other publications, whether in printed, electronic or any other form.